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Find a large pool of influencer based on your campaign message, and focus on those who fits your campaign objective.

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Influencer+ comes from our years of experience working with brands, media companies, public relations agencies, and politicians. We have collected and analyzed both the influencer's statics and the public perception of their messages. All of our users are BigData analysts so you can use our collective knowledge to make the best decision.

Brand Owners

Uses Influencer+ to find compatible influencers

  • Compare multiple influencers based on performance indexes

  • Browse influencers' top topics and cases

  • Subscribe to rising influencer's list to seize trending opportunities

Talent Management Agencies

Uses Influencer+ to build the best portfolio

  • Instantly inspect influencer's impact and influence

  • Evaluate influencer's market rate and competitiveness

  • Subscribe to alert to obtain high performing influencer's contact

Influencer index uses scientific method to select influencers with high commercial economic value

Don't know how to pick the influencers? The largest followers? The cheapest? Those recommended by their management agency? Use Influencer+ and see all the relevant index and find those that fits your campaign objective, not just who's visible to you.

Subscribe to Influencer Alert, and automatically see rising stars

How to stay aware of trending topics and rising influencers? Subscribe to Influencer+ and connect with those influencers you feel a connection to.

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