Smart URL Shortener

Turn your URL into an intelligence tool

Our smart URL shortener rapidly creates links that allow you to embed Facebook and other tracking codes that are integrated with Google Analytics UTM setting, so one short URL allows for branded URL, user traffic analysis, link management, audience advertising targeting, and unique URL for individual user tracking.

Beautiful Preview

Unable to change the preview image on your website's URL? LinkBundle solves this problem.

Beyond Clicks

LinkBundle provides complete clicker demographic, interest analysis, most followed fanpages. This allows you to monetize the traffic to your webpage in a rational and persuasive manner.

Data Privacy

Unlike,, your click thru number is never viewable by the general public, but only authorized person.

Clicker Reuse

Manage clicker data and advertising reuse without any coding. Our platform allows for retargeting and reuse. Deep customer relationship management is no longer a challenge.

Team Model

Allow all team member to have an overview of all distributed short links and performance. Let the advertising team work seamlessly with content distribution and monetization.