Find the most compatible influencers

Evaluate an influencer's compatibility with your brand by using their content and their follower' reaction. Select a menu of indexes that matters to your objective to complete control the riskiest part of the process.

Obtain comprehensive data from across platforms

Using keyword or category search, you can find influencer's performance across Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, or search through trending content and video.

QSearch provides Asia's largest Influencer database with over half a million analyzed channels, 70,000 Instagram's business accounts, and over 350,000 Youtube channel analysis.


Use true and timely analysis of an influencer's potential

QSearch compares nano-, micro-, and mega-influencers. Our proprietary and patent analysis ranks each influencer in the context of a similar influencer and converts them into a percentile rating to provide the most realistic and real-time benchmark for the performance of influencers.


Search by Keywords or Categories

QSearch used Natural Language Processing and BigData to analyze influencer's content and help the Brand find common ground for cooperation, discover imaginative leap while staying safely within your Brand guideline. You can also make refined searches down to the category level.